On a Business Trip to Guadalajara, Mexico

Everyone I meet from Guadalajara speaks of the town as the greatest place in Mexico.

I was lucky enough to be sent there on a business trip last week and it is indeed beautiful. I wish I’d seen more of the city. The people were warm hearted and friendly, and it had a smaller city feel than Mexico City although granted, that’s not hard to achieve given the sheer size of the capital. It felt good to be able to travel at speed through town instead of seeing people walk past the car window at a leisurely pace, unlike Mexico City which suffers from terrible traffic.

Whilst there I went to see a football match in a local bar : the local team Chivas vs the capital’s team Americas. As a friend put it, its like watching Barcelona playing against Madrid. The fans were going wild and every move that was made and when a goal was finally scored, a few chairs were knocked over in the excitement.


Guadalajara, capital of Jalisco. Known for its beautiful scenery and attractive residents.

Guadalajara is a growing town, with many companies relocating there and the supply of human capital struggles to keep up with demand. It was originally 4 towns that have come together to form the metropolis. It is one of the most populous areas in Mexico with 1.5 million inhabitants in the city itself and 4.3million counting residents of the surrounding metropolis. It has all the modern conveniences of a big city , including Uber, and even has an international airport so you can fly direct from the US and Central America.


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