Mr & Mrs Bund, Shanghai

When visiting Shanghai, I was fortunate enough to eat at Mr & Mrs Bund, a French cuisine inspired modern eatery. It has since become one of my favourite restaurants world wide. It even has a terrace and is right on the river with amazing views.

It’s a little on the pricey side, but they have a cheaper menu after 11pm. Going at that time did not mean the food was any lesser in quality and it was still scrumptious. We had a particularly tasty tuna mousse and a delicious bottle of french wine.


The restaurant is right on the Bund river.

We visited on the first Thursday of the month, which happens to be bingo night. Two people eating at the restaurant gets you one bingo card, and more come with purchased extras such as bottles of champagne. One couple had over 10 cards and seemed to be winning everything: an iPad, a magnum of champagne, a flat screen. A group of Mexicans in their twenties won a scooter. To be frank, my boyfriend and I were doing terribly. He’d also never played bingo before and stood up and shouted bingo with a line when we were playing for full house. Our waiter took pity on us and gave us an extra card so we could try and get the Nespresso machine.

We didn’t win anything, sadly. But the food was amazing and I would gladly go back given the opportunity.


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