10 Tips to Survive Long Haul Flights

Its December, which means many of us are preparing for that long flight home or abroad for those going on holiday. That long flight can be daunting, but fear not! Here are my survival tips below:


1. Get there on time! Your flight isn’t going to happen if you don’t get there on time. And yes, they will leave without you.

2. Before the flight drink plenty of water and exercise that day. This will help tire you out and keep you calm.

3. Don’t wear makeup, just cleanse and moisturise before heading to the airport. Trust me, no one cares, even if your acne if flaring up. Meeting someone at the other end? Keep your makeup in your carry on and cleanse and apply in the bathrooms before leaving the baggage collection area.

4. Take a neck pillow. Yes, I know they look funny but doing that thing where your head jerks wakes you up when you sleep without a pillow is just plain uncomfortable.

5. Watch a movie and eat, but then get some sleep! The lights will be turning down low, so get out the pillow, cover up with the blanket and get some well needed zzz’s.



7. Stay hydrated. I like to drink water over alcohol and reapply moisturiser in an attempt to keep my face happy.

8. Take a good book with you. I used to make the mistake of taking a long classic on planes with me, thinking I would have plenty of time to get through it. Don’t do that, you’ll only read a few pages. Take something easy instead that you know you will enjoy.

9. Stretch those legs and take a walk if you need to.

10. Stay calm. I know the baby is crying and someone is kicking your seat, but don’t get stressed out. If its really bad, ask a flight attendant if you can move.


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