Hyde Park, London

Where do you go when you’re in London and you feel trapped in the city, like you need a breath of fresh air? Hyde Park.


The Serpentine Lake cutting through Hyde Park

The park is divided by the Serpentine, a lake built lake created on the request of Queen Caroline in 1730. The lake is home to ducks and swans, and the Serpentine Galleries sit next to the lake showing free modern and contemporary art exhibitions. The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial sits close to the lake. London’s Holocaust Memorial and the 7 July Memorial also sit close-by. The park also comprises a speaker’s corner, where open-air debate and discussion are allowed. It’s easy to access, as in addition to the numerous buses, the Piccadilly and Central tube lines serve respectively two and three stations around the park. There is also free transport through and around the park available for people with reduced mobility.

A Year Round Treat

Stroll though the park in spring, and you will see school children playing football, birds waddling and young families wandering. In summer, the park becomes host to music artists from around the country, playing massive outdoor concerts. In autumn the leaves turn brown and it becomes the perfect place to sit and read on a bench, wrapped up with a coffee or hot chocolate in hand, of course. In winter the park becomes a playground for all, home to Winter Wonderland. The fair games are brought in, the lights are turned on, and seemly all of London heads over for some mulled wine and Christmas cheer.

A Royal Park

Other than beautiful nature, there is much to see in and around the park. The park is continuous with Kensington Gardens, belonging to Kensington Palace, Green Park and St James’ Park, close to Buckingham Palace and the Horse Guards Parade. On the south side of the park sits the impressive Albert Memorial, dedicated to the husband of Queen Victoria. The monument faces the Royal Albert Hall, where many classical concerts are held including the Proms.


The Albert Memorial at the South of Hyde Park





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