Top Five Burger Places in London

Everyone loves a burger. It’s just so satisfying to take a bit into the juicy meat (or chicken, or veggie) and there is nothing more disappointing than realising your patty is bad quality, overcooked or that the cheese is plastic. Well, fear no more! Next time you’re in London, try one of the places listed below and let me know what you think. Here are my top five places to go in London to satisfy that craving.


Chances are no matter where you stand, you won’t be far away from a GBK. Go for the Californian if you’re looking for a good veggie option and the sweet potato fries are delicious.

4.Honest Burgers

The new kids on the block, these restaurants have been popping up around town since 2011. They serve one of the best chicken burgers in town. You’ll recognise the restaurants from the long queues that stretch down the street.

3.Five Guys

A little more fast-food in its approach as you pay at the counter when ordering, this chain also offers good food and decent milkshakes. Go if you want a good burger, fast.


This is a reliable chain found throughout London. You know that when you go here, the food will always be good and the staff will always be helpful. The milkshakes are also delicious (peanut butter is my favourite!)

1.Patty & Bun

For the juiciest, cheesiest burgers you could possibly want, head over to Patty & Bun. The Marigold is my go-to order: the classic cheeseburger. They don’t take reservations which is both a blessing and curse meaning you have to queue, but will eventually get a seat. Originally located behind Selfridges, you’ll now see a few across London.

Disagree with the listing? Or think it’s spot on? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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